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Tooth extractions

When a tooth is hopeless

General Extractions

The removal of teeth should not be your first choice when it comes to treatment options, however there are more times than not where an extraction is the best choice for the patient. Dental extractions are generally a routine procedure to remove a tooth for a variety of reasons including:

·         Periodontal disease

·         Trauma

·         Crowding

·         Infection

·         Fractures

·         Severe decay

If an extraction is the best treatment option for you, Dr. Haddad will be sure to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. Dr. Haddad is highly skilled at dental extractions. He even volunteers his time to extract hopeless teeth for the un and underinsured residents of Oakland County at the Gary Bernstein Community Health Clinic.

After the extraction, patients are required to bite down on gauze, applying pressure onto the extraction site. This is to control the bleeding. Dr. Haddad makes sure that all his patients are well controlled before dismissing them from the office. Upon your dismissal you’ll be given a bag of extra gauze and post-operative instructions. Once your home, follow the instructions and take it easy. It is not uncommon for the site exhibit spots of blood. Typically the bleeding is minimal, and should not cause any concern. Dr. Haddad personally calls his patients the following day after any extraction as a courtesy follow up. Medications may be prescribed to help control and manage post-op discomfort and/or infection. The use of ice packs on the outside of your jaw is also recommended to help reduce swelling.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The removal of wisdom teeth is similar to other tooth removals. Most patients need their wisdom teeth removed due to inadequate space during development. Other circumstances which require the removal of wisdom teeth include inflamed or infected gum tissues around the wisdom teeth. Timing and planning are critical components to predicting the amount of recovery involved. Younger patients in their teens and twenties, heal faster and with less complications than adults thirty and older. Dr. Haddad recommends having all of your wisdom teeth removed at once if possible. His reason is that it takes the body the same amount of time to recover from one wisdom tooth extraction, than two three or four. Why put yourself through this multiple times? The removal process is typically very straightforward and can be done in different ways such as removing the tooth as a whole or removing it in smaller pieces. Contact us to learn more about extractions or to make an appointment today.