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Removable Dentures

An Affordable and Effective Approach

Dentures are sets of fake teeth that are used as an affordable and effective approach to replace multiple missing teeth. They are designed to look and function like natural teeth. There are two types of dentures

·         Complete dentures – used to replace all of the teeth in a full arch

·         Partial dentures – used to replace missing teeth if there are natural teeth to attach to

Both complete and partial dentures consists of plastic bases that are made to resemble your natural gum tissues. This base fits and sits on the ridge of your jaw, where your teeth once were before being extracted. Once the base is made, teeth are added to restore a healthy, harmonious, and balanced bite. The dentures are fitted against on your tissues. Once inserted, a suction-cup like mechanism allows the dentures to stay in place so that you are able to speak, eat and function with them as normally as possible. Upper dentures fit better than the lower dentures because the upper denture adheres to your concavely shaped palate. The bottom denture doesn’t have much to adhere to because your tongue takes up a lot of space and creates lots of movement to dislodge the denture.

Partial dentures are generally a better treatment option than complete dentures because of the use of existing teeth for better retention and function. If there are teeth a partial is able to anchor onto, the partial will be appear to be more fixed in comparison a complete denture. The materials continue to advance with partial dentures. Traditionally it was a metal framework that attached to teeth with fake teeth on the metal. Nowadays there are metal free partials that function just as well but don’t get off the metal mouth look. Contact us to learn more about removable dentures or to make an appointment today.